Volume 52, Number 15 - October 6, 2005 - <city />

    New Orleans</place /></city />, <date year="2005" day="3" month="9" />September 3, 2005</date />

    The Gost</placename /> City</placetype /></place />
    By George Friedman
    The American nation was built on the vast farmlands that stretch from the Alleghenies to the
    Rockies</place />. That farmland produced the wealth that funded American industrialization. But it was not the extraordinary land or the farmers and ranchers who alone set the process in motion. Rather, it was geography - the extraordinary system of rivers that flowed through the Midwest</place /> and allowed them to ship their surplus to the rest of the world. All of the rivers flowed into one - the  Mississippi - </place /></state />and the Mississippi</place /></state /> flowed to the ports in and around one city:  New Orleans</place /></city />. Until last Sunday, New Orleans</place /></city /> was, in many ways, the pivot of the American economy.

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